Bulb Availability

All our bulb, rhizome, and tuber offerings are propagated from carefully tracked seed collections, and we only grow species plants, not hybrid varieties. Larges are blooming size and are typically four or more growing seasons old. Smalls (available for some species) are 2-3 years old and may not bloom in the first year. Most bulbs are harvested in late summer and available for sale through the fall. Fall is the optimal time to replant your bulbs—for best quality and assurance please place your order in Spring but no later than September 15th so that we can dig and prepare your order while the bulbs are dormant. We have taken many precautions to ensure our bulb stock is healthy, and free of nematodes and viruses. Standard bundles contain 50 plants each.

Please call 360-592-2250 or email sales@fourthcornernurseries.com to place an order.

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