Internship Opportunities

Fourth Corner Nurseries management and staff are committed to continual education through a free exchange of ideas and experience.  We are currently offering 3 and 6-month internships to advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students who are studying horticulture, crop science, agronomy, botany, restoration ecology or other related fields.  Candidates will have the opportunity to define their scope of work as it relates to our ongoing field production.

Scope of Work:  The scope of work is to be defined by the candidate.   We do expect targeted specific training or equivalent experience in areas related to the environment, farming or horticulture.  The candidate will need to present her/his interests and expectations in a written proposal.  Self-motivated independent work is encouraged.

However, initially the intern will work directly with farm managers in order to become familiar with operations and develop a work plan.  The primary mission is to work with farm managers and staff to implement new or to support existing strategies that maximize crop quality, improving current production and to help refine farming/business practices.

How to apply:  A complete resume with references is required; in addition, we would like a brief one-page-or-less proposal on what you can offer Fourth Corner Nurseries in terms of skill sets, training or practical knowledge during the internship.  We would like to know what your goals for the internship are and if you’re able to make a contribution to our on-farm skill and knowledge base.  Flexible 3 to 6 month appointments are available with a possible weekly stipend; housing is to be arranged by the candidate.

We invite you to apply:

By submitting your written request to Richard T. Haard, Ph.D., Propagation Manager

Or by mail at:
Fourth Corner Nurseries
5652 Sand Road
Bellingham, Washington, 98226

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