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Research on Special Topics for Restoration Success

Biochar – A Carbon-Negative Future | Richard T. Haard
Charcoal, Agriculture and Climate Change | Richard T. Haard

Bringing Nature Home | Julie Whitacre
Gardening for Life | Douglas Tallamy

Climate Change
Global Climate Change and Native Plants | Todd Jones
Seed Collecting and Climate Change | Richard T. Haard

Erosion Control
“Bio-Structural” Erosion Control: Incorporating Vegetation in Engineering Designs to Protect Puget Sound Shorelines | Elliott Menashe

Pioneer Use of Native Plants | Richard T. Haard
Prairie Fires & Earth Mounds: The Ethnoecology of Upper Chehalis Prairies | Linda Storm

Common Ground and Controversy in Native Plant Restoration: The SOMS Debate, Source Distance, Plant Selections, and a Restoration-Oriented Definition of Native | Thomas N. Kaye

Green Roofs
Investigating Green Roof Performance in the Puget Sound | Georgia Basin: Stormwater, Plant Communities, and Beyond | Danielle L. Pierce & Ken Yocom

Native Plant Selection
Selecting Native Plants for Wetland, Riparian, and Wildlife Buffer Plantings | Richard T. Haard
Site Evaluation for Habitat Restoration Plant Selection | Julie Whitacre

Enhancing Nest Sites for Native Bee Crop Pollinators | Mace Vaughan & Scott Hoffman Black
Native Pollinators | Matthew Shepherd & Mace Vaughan

Rain Gardens
Rain Gardens: A Low Tech Approach to Stormwater Management | Angela Nelson

Socio-Ecological Ideas
A Sense of Community | Richard T. Haard
Sustainable Economic Development via Native Plants | Richard T. Haard

Wetland Plants and Restoration
Biofiltration Systems for Stormwater Management – The Vegetation Component | Julie Whitacre
Elwha Revegetation Project | Joshua Chenoweth
Recommendations for Using Bare-Root Wetland Plants | Julie Whitacre
The Use of Aquatic Plants to Treat Waste Water | Cristian Frers
Wetland Restoration, Creation & Enhancement in the Northwest | Sarah Spear Cooke

Sex and the Single Salix | Thomas Landis, David Dreesen & R. Kasten Dumroese
Willows - Again! | Richard T. Haard
Willows for Use in Coastal and Low Elevation, Interior Habitats: Lament of the Willow Grower | Richard T. Haard